1. First encounter is oral, last account visceral
2. It starts with a single fix, but ends in a clouded mist
3. It takes a single thought to provoke arousal, it may take a lifetime for refusal
4. To inhale their essence is to intensify the burning experience of their omnipotent presence
5. They keep warming the fingertips, heating his lips, and slowly burning the cage of his ribs
6. They slide through the pores like vapors, and from foggy mists become palpable solids
7. It is propulsion for merciless combustion,
It is consumption with no hope for redemption

8. He inhales them longingly from the bottom of his heart,
Then exhales mournfully from the top of his lungs
9. Their piercing pinnacles rip the darkness with hot and menacing glow,
Inviting each time a new, quite treacherous, more serious and much harder blow
10. He ignites their fire with the winds of his breath,
And chokes on rich fumes rising from their flames
11. Their bodies are but an elongation of his nails,
Their souls are but an extension of his breaths
12. The distance traveled from the surface of his mouth to their innermost depth
Has a length of a journey through the ridges of life, until the very edge of death
13. Once they get him going, there is no chance of slowing,
As long as they are his for owning, he will keep on blowing
He’ll keep on coming ’til their day of dooming,
He’ll go on spending ’til they meet their ending


1. Hot yet icy, tasty but nasty!
2. One lip-slip and he’ll be losing sleep!
3. Noticed at first chance, desired at first glance, taken in an instance!
4. It takes a single cup to fill him up.
Two of their cups and he is instant champion of a world cup
5. It takes a single blink to get him thirsty for their drink,
Once they get him drunk the world becomes stark blank
6. It begins with a push, a kick and quick start
It ends with a pull, a kick and a tongue-tie
7. The longer they last – the more they increase his lust
The deeper he thrusts – the more he feels the thirst
8. Clear, sharp, with an effect mighty strong
Clean, enwrapped and lasting all night long
9. He breathes the air they’ve filled, inhaling their scent like oxygen
He sweats the juices they’ve hidden, they rush through him like nitrogen

1. They fill the heart with longing when their words are mind-boggling
They excite all nerve endings when their deeds are mind-bending
2. If they require days for thinking, they are perceived as mind-twisting
If they invite hours of exploring, they are experienced as mind-blowing
3. They seem bedazzling when they are puzzling
And disarming with their charming if they are a cause for the lack of calming
4. The harder they are for cracking – the harder is their trapping
The longer they take for deciphering – the longer is sweet suffering
The stronger is their enigmatic enduring – the stronger was their luring
5. Their bodies succumb to permutations
Their words enter in various combinations
Their thoughts serve for all sorts of manipulations
They have innumerable functions, indefinite operations
Their are irrational as the numbers, they are equations with infinite solutions

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