Something rotten (part II)

Don't judge and you will be saved!

Whatever you do, hear or say, whatever happens or doesn’t, whoever you meet, don’t judge. One never knows what the other one has gone through. Because not even one of us has gone through life without trials and tribulations, mistakes and wrongdoings.
And whenever you can afford to give, don’t hesitate and don’t turn your head on someone in need. Because it’s human to give a hand in need. Because in order to take, you need to give. Because to find, you need to leave something behind. Because it might be you tomorrow.
Just for a second, let’s take a look on the other side of the world too. The States, for example. For a long time now it has lost it’s status of the promised land. Huge numbers of poor people living of the scrapes of what they can find on the streets. The bigger the city is, the greater the number of people living on and living off the streets. Visiting the southernmost american island of Key West at the beginning of October, right before the hurricane season.


A gross population of gay people and wanderers. Spring temperatures during winter time. Life is no festival, but they make it look like it is. In the evenings of everyday these people make the best of what they can do in performing. Playing guitar and singing, juggling with fire, telling jokes or whatever for charity. There was this young lad who barely had something to put on his back. He was so thin that one could count his ribs, he wasn’t clean, but had his hair dyed like a leopards skin. Gathering a significant crowd of people he was cracking jokes and asked for volunteers to tie him in chains, so that he may free himself. And by showing off his skills he would earn some money to make a living. He said: – at the end of my show I would expect you to put some money in my hat. Those money will go for my college education. And if you put some more, like twenty dollar bills in my hat, I will seriously consider going back to college”.
A young man doing his show on the pier of Key West, Florida. It could be anywhere. It could be you. Give a dime.
Do not turn your head…

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